Our Story

Born in NYC and recently relocated to Los Angeles, the Basement Beat Revival is a band whose sound lives at the crossroads of The Black Keys and David Bowie - next door to The Killers and The Clash.   Call it "GlamWave", the digital age love child of glam and new wave with a healthy dose of psychedelia and soul added for extra flavor.   

Formed in 2015, BBR immediately began playing the local club scenes in New York, Philadelphia and Boston.  Their mission has, and will always be, to keep the torch lit brightly for a bedrock of influences that inspire their sound.  Influences such as The Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes, The Doors, The Killers, The Cure, T Rex, The Strokes, Slade, Television and The Beatles - to offer but a few examples.  

Driven by deep lyricism, their sound is built around vintage guitars, classic synths and deep rhythms.  From the dreamy lyrics and instrumentation of numbers like "Stars & Scars" to their rock-meets-Motown homage to the 70s club scene "New York Doll" and the haunting ballad "Time Stands Still", BBR takes their musical experimentation in endless directions.  

Be on the lookout for their upcoming EP release "Heavy" due in early 2018. 

For information and booking please contact basementbeatrevival@gmail.com